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How to find the Best Reel Mower

Everyone likes having a wonderful looking lawn. We enjoy going for picnics in an even-looking park or better still, playing on sport grounds with fairly short grass. A reel mower is the perfect ingredient for all these. The mechanism behind reel mowers is that it has a horizontally rotating cylindrical reel with helical blades running past a horizontal cutter-bar. The effect is continuous scissor action producing consistently short and even grass.Unlike other mowers that make noise while tending to the lawn, a reel mower is relatively quiet and does not inconvenience other people around you. In fact, with fitness issues increasingly bedeviling today’s society, a reel mower is a perfect opportunity to break a sweat while tending to your lawn. However, what does the best reel mower encompass?

One factor to put into consideration is the cutting width. Reel mowers’ cutting width range from 14 to 20 inches. The longer the cutting width, the faster the mowing becomes. This saves you from the hassle of going back and forth on your lawn. The 20 inch reel mower is 30 percent faster than the 14 inch reel mower. This makes it less time consuming. However, it is worth mentioning that the longer the cutting width, the bigger the reel mower hence the heavier it will be. The upside is that the heaviest reel mower is about 50 pounds, another incentive for exercising.Pushing the reel mower while in your lawn is as good as going to the gym because it burns a few calories, leaving one absolutely fit and healthy.

Secondly, the best reel mower has a good number of blades. Reel mowers have 4, 5 or 7 blades. Depending on the type of vegetation, the perfect reel mower has an optimum number of blades. For example, the best reel mower for bent, heavier vegetation is the 7 blade mower. On the other hand, a 5 blade reel mower is best suited for finer, thinner vegetation. Moreover, the cutting height is also a concern here. The 7 blade reel mower adjusts the blades up and down and hence making it possible to trim down thick bushy vegetation. It pays to mention that the best reel mower has blades that do not necessarily need to be regularly sharpened. This is because frequent sharpening of blades lead to wear and tear, ultimately prematurely ending the life of the blades.
Thirdly, the direction in which the reel mower sprays grass is vital.There are reel mowers that spray grass behind and others in upfront. Reel mowers that spray grass out in front are the best. This is because they do not cover your feet with clippings.Most importantly, the best reel mower is fast, powerful and easily maneuverable. This makes it very refreshing,easy and interesting to use it, instead of being a bother. Furthermore, you can save a few pennies tending to your own lawn instead of hiring people to do it. The best reel mower gives you the power to decide which style that fits your lawn, hence giving it a personal touch.

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